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Sunsea IoT Technology CO,.LTD. (Shenzhen)

Sunsea Could Network CO,.LTD.(Shenzhen)

Sunsea Ayla IoT Network CO,.LTD.

Longsung Technology CO,.LTD. (Shanghai)
Sunsea Communication Service CO,.LTD.

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Cloud Network

Media Cloud

Sunsea AIoT provides customers with integrated and better user perception web services and applications by cloud technology.Sunsea major cloud products include: media cloud, data center (DC), next-generation network (SDN/NFV), etc.

Data Center

Data Center Products

Server Cabinet

SUNSEA series server cab...

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Closed Cooling Aisle

SUNSEA K series closed 。。。

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NFV solutions

Based on the cooperation of Sunsea and HPE,and the scientific and technological achievements of HPE global R&D centers ,SUNSEA provides Chinese industry customers with cloud computing, network function virtualization (NFV), software defined network (SDN), big data and business agility suite and other cutting-edge solutions.

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