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Sunsea IoT Technology CO,.LTD. (Shenzhen)

Sunsea Could Network CO,。LTD。(Shenzhen)

Sunsea Ayla IoT Network CO,.LTD.

Longsung Technology CO,。LTD。 (Shanghai)
Sunsea Communication Service CO,。LTD。

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Cable Broadband
With years accumulation of technology and engineering practice in the field of telecommunication networks and the vision to the development of future network, Sunsea provides FTTx (FTTO, FTTH, FTTB+LAN,…FTTCab+xDSL) solution based on communication infrastructure equipment and components to domestic and oversea customers. The products cover the scenarios from central office to customer premise, including whole optical products, optical-copper hybrid products and OSP products, etc.
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