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As communication network are developing towards all-optical networks, optical Access networks will replace the copper wire access networks gradually。 Due to rapid growth of high-speed data service and video service, fast reduction of fiber network construction cost, fierce competition among operators and support of government, copper wires broadband network face serious challenges in coming years。 Copper wires broadband will inevitably be replaced by fiber optic broadband access network。 The large-scale optical broadband access network construction period is coming globally。

FTTx refers to the optical fiber used for access layer network, so it is a network construct mode of optical fiber close to subscribers or even directly connected to subscribers. Optical fiber access network using optical fiber as transmission medium, it has features of large transmission capacity, high transmission quality, high reliability, long transmission distance, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., it is the future development trend of fixed broadband access network. In recent years, people's needs have moved from simple voice communication to multimedia communication, with the popular of IPTV, HDTV, somatosensory games and digital home services, the traditional access modes unable to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. FTTx access rate can be as high as 20Mbit / s ~ 100Mbit / s, with the improvement of equipment technology in the future, the bandwidth will be further improved. FTTx will become the inevitable choice with its unmatched bandwidth advantage.

Among all known FTTx technologies, Passive Optical Network (PON) technology uses optical fiber as a transmission medium and has high access bandwidth and full passive optical transmission characteristics. Compared to other optical access technology, it has obvious advantages in terms of operation and maintenance, bandwidth performance, Comprehensive service provision, bandwidth allocation strategy, network flexibility and construction costs.

With years accumulation of technology and engineering practice in the field of telecommunication networks and the vision to the development of future network, SUNSEA provides FTTx (FTTO, FTTH, FTTB+LAN,…FTTCab+xDSL) solution based on communication infrastructure equipment and components to domestic and oversea customers. The products cover the scenarios from central office to customer premise, including whole optical products, optical-copper hybrid products and OSP products, etc.

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