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SUNSEA Attended the 2015 Asia Communications Expo in Singapore

2015-06-02   • Marketing Activities  |   2089  |  

2-5 June 2015, 26th Singapore International Telecommunications and Information Technology Exhibition, was held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The exhibition is a knowledge sharing platform for ICT industry in Asia. It is an opportunity for people in the industry to look forward to the industry's future and understanding important window for industry status quo. A total of more than 1,200 exhibitors, the exhibition activities with a high degree of industrial relevance and highly integrated business growth to promote business growth, attracting buyers and sellers face to face talks to discuss the results of the ICT industry and the development of business opportunities. At this exhibition, SUNSEA Communication Co., Ltd. brought its wireless site solutions, FTTx solutions and data center solutions to the public to systematically showcase the advantages of products, solutions and enterprises to its customers and established a good corporate image and brand image. Meanwhile, conducted a wide range of exchanges and learning and laying the foundation for further expansion of the SUNSEA brand in the Asia Pacific and even the global market.

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